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Side Entry Mixer

Side Entry Mixer

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Mixer Direct’s side entry agitators provide efficient mixing for large scale mixing processes. These side entry mixers are used in a multiplicity of environments and applications such as Edible Oils, Chemical Processing, Water Treatment, Asphalt, Crude Oil, Gasoline, and Pulp and Paper. Mounting is easy as our SEM mixer line adapts to almost and flange from 2" to 24"-150#. Our side entry mixers feature helical bevel gearing, some of the most efficient gearing on the planet, with transmission efficiency in the 97-99% realm. This means more of your power is going to drive the side entry impeller, not to waste heat.

Helical Bevel gear

To drive the cost to operate down even further, each side entry mixer is equipped with HEI impellers, Mixer Direct's highest efficiency impeller. This impeller delivers more pumping per horsepower then any other mixing blade, allowing our side entry mixer to operate as the only mixer in a tank for many process conditions. In addition to this, Mixer Direct's high thrust fluid foil impeller (shown below) allow the SEM line to produce thrust to degree that it can handle the largest diameter storage tanks. All side entry agitators utilize oversized 1045CS or 316SS shafts for more efficient and reliable mixing. There are several standard sealing methods that we offer: Packing, Single Mechanical Seal, and Double Mechanical Seals. Our engineers can help you decide which suits your application. Our mechanical seals feature in tank sealing so you don't have to drain the tank for the maintenance of your seals, bearings, or gearbox. This can result in significant downtime reduction. The electric motors are supplied in explosion proof or outdoor duty TEFC. Mixer Direct can customize our mixers to fit any application and find ourselves doing so in 60% of our applications. It is one way that we can show you that we are committed to getting the customer the right machine or the right job. Please contact us at 812-202-4047.